IoT revolutionizes waste management

1: Sustainability Problem

Area of sustainability category: Waste

The old-fashioned way of waste collection empties trash bins in a settled schedule. However, this method can only conduct a low quality of waste collection service to customers, as well as, a high operation cost to the waste collection provider. Because the trash bins cannot be guaranteed to be exacted filled with the maximum volume. If trash bins are overfilled before the collector come, it may cause dissatisfaction from customers. If the trash bin is only half-filled, it is inefficient to send out drivers and collect the waste.

2: Technology

“OnePlus Corp. Acquires SmartBin™”—“The acquisition creates the dominant, global Internet of Things (IoT) sensor and software business serving the waste industry”,


  • SamrtBin uses intelligent IoT to improve waste management across the globe
  • SmartBin sets the standard for smart recycling and
  • SmartBin’s sensors are used in smaller bins and receptacles for items such as textiles, drop boxes, solid and liquid waste receptacles
  • SmartBin’s sensor knows when bins are ready for emptying, and thus optimizes the collection routes and logistics
  • SmartBin has over 100 clients in more than 25 countries, including the United States

3: Stakeholders

  • Retailers, grocery stores which have a huge demand for waste collection service
  • Municipalities which usually responsible for the city residency’s waste collection
  • Most waste management providers which eager for new technology that can lower their cost and increase their service quality

4: Process of implementation

  1. Since this company has already achieved over 100 clients in more than 25 countries, it can conduct a sufficient survey result from the existing clients and publish the result on the social media to gain exposure
  2. To attract potential clients, SmartBin should proactively seek opportunities of attending Trade Fair such as IFAT (Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies) to increase its brand awareness in the industry
  3. It is also important to have a partnership with the government since many cities’ waste management services are offered by governments. To achieve this, SamrtBin can work with government’s Smart City projects.




One thought on “IoT revolutionizes waste management

  1. I have read from the article that the solar-powered waste bin can be equipped with Wi-Fi unit. Many smart city initiatives propose to provide public Wi-Fi hotspots, but it can be expensive to lease areas to host the equipment. However, with Wi-Fi-enabled smart bins, cities can run access points by using the solar energy already collected by the bin. If the smartbin combines with the solar-powered waste bin, it will be really efficient!


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