Lucid’s BuildingOS will reduce energy consumption in city-owned buildings

Sustainability Technology:

Lucid’s BuildingOS is a data and analytics program that helps optimize building performance by providing increased visibility and streamlining the data into one platform.

Sustainability Problem: Energy Consumption in Buildings

Buildings consume 40% of energy in the United States. This problem needs to be addressed in order for cities to become more sustainable. The smartest way to bring down energy consumption in buildings is to reduce use for heating, cooling, and lighting. BuildingOS’s secure platform uses real time data, analytics, and charts to enable building managers access to both present and historical data in order to benchmark progress. The program can be integrated with multiple utility bills, building systems, and sub-metering data to track both energy demand and consumption. Moreover, the building data can be normalized to varying weather conditions so the data can be compared over different time periods in a more exact way. The Lucid platform also provides financial analysis tools to show cost benefits to energy reduction over time and across building systems.


  • Commercial Building Owners
  • Management Companies
  • Commercial Tenants
  • City Utility Companies

Process of Implementation For New York City Owned Buildings in order to meet PLANYC 2030 goals:

  • Establish a public-private partnership between New York City, Con Edison and Lucid Energy Solutions in order to implement use of BuildingOS in city-owned buildings.
  • Identify several city-owned buildings for initial roll-out and testing with special attention paid to security of the platform, functionality with existing building systems, and usability by custodial and management staff.
  • After step 2 is implemented and tested for 6-12 months, if successful, initiate further rollout across the city, working one borough at a time. In order for this initiative to be effective, trainings and workshops will be held simultaneously to prepare building operators and managers on the use of the new platform.
  • Use BuildingOS in all city-owned buildings to manage and benchmark energy reduction progress and to help the city achieve the energy goals set out by PLANYC 2030.

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