Using bubbles to clean up our water bodies

Sustainability Issue: There is growing pressure on our water resources due to population, economic growth, climate change and more so with pollution due to the dumping of industrial (and other generators of) wastewater. The world’s water is fast degrading in quality, threatening the health of people and ecosystems and increasing the cost of its treatment.

Area of sustainability: Water


  1. Mikroflot Technologies offers a practical, low-cost that enables small to mid-sized facilities to eliminate contaminants from wastewater with minimal or no chemicals, low operating costs, and environmentally superior footprint.
  • Acoustic resonance air dispersion microflotation technology, which uses compressed air that has an acoustic wave pulsating in it to generate tiny air bubbles that float contaminants out of the water.
  • The contaminant muck is then skimmed from the water’s surface and stored in a tank until Mikroflot’s hauling service comes to collect it.
  • The use of acoustic waves requires much less energy to make its bubbles.



  1. Similar technology is being used in the device called StarStream. It creates a whole new kind of cleaning solution by combining ultrasound waves and bubbles with regular cold water. Using a single nozzle, StarStream can load any liquid with ultrasonic cleaning bubbles, bringing micro-scrubbing power to plain old tap water or increasing the cleaning power of detergents.
  • As ultrasonic waves activate the stream of water from the StarStream nozzle, the oscillation of the sound waves turns every bubble into a tiny micro-scrubber in any liquid solution that can clean flat surfaces, cracks, crevices, and practically any tough-to-reach spot.
  • Thus, bubbles can be used to create a micro-scrubbing solution that could be used to clean all kinds of complex surfaces without bleach and chemical detergents.
  • Modifiable StarStreams could be attached to hand-washing stations in hospitals, or even regular sinks in public bathrooms everywhere.




  • The entire water industry, from wastewater treatment plants to separation of chemicals, waste materials or pre-cleaning of water in businesses, hospitals etc.
  • Municipalities which are usually responsible for the city residency’s water management and distribution

Technology Implementation

The use of ultrasonic and acoustic waves on cold water can be extended to treat the larger water bodies around the world.



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