Brand Protection Against Legionella Disease

ch2217 is my Uni. Chris Hannigan

1—Legionella Disease—Energy—Water—Health

2— The group’s name is POSEIDON (or Plasmonic-based automated lab-on-chip sensor for the rapid in-situ detection of Legionella).

This sensor is a scanner that allows for the detection of Legionella in a water system onsite in under one hour, as opposed to a process that now takes 10 days of cultivation and analysis offsite.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

3—The stakeholders are anyone utilizing hot water systems, or industrial cooling that requires cooling towers. (Building owners or facility managers, chemical application companies.)

4—Construct a plug-in cartridge/ component that fits into an already onsite side- stream chemical injection system. Contact regional chemical application companies already defining the market. (Barclay, Nalco). Persuade the companies to purchase and install this sensor as a brand protection step.


One thought on “Brand Protection Against Legionella Disease

  1. The device uses a photonics technique called Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) which reads information from a refracted laser beam, allowing for fast, highly sensitive, inexpensive detection from a small sample.


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