Content Thread


  • Sustainability Problem: 80 billion clothes are produced each year and they are poorly recycled. Due to the unknown content of the materials used in making those textiles, the rate of recycling is very low. 

  • Sustainability Technology: Content Thread: Facilitating recycling of clothes

    – The winners of the Global Change Award (2017) created a digital thread to facilitate the sorting and recycling of clothes

    – The digital thread has a radio frequency identification technology (RFID), which is a system that uses electromagnetic fields to store information about the thread. This technology helps to give the thread a new life, by making sorting and recycling easier

    – The thread stores all the content information required to recycle the clothing

    – This technology will help reduce waste throughout the supply chain and let the material be recycled properly so it can be reused

  • Stakeholders: 
    • Waste Management Facilities
    • All Consumers
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Apparel Retailers
    • Apparel Manufacturers
    • Government
  • Technology Implementation:
    • Target fast fashion apparel companies who are trying to reduce waste by helping them meet long-term sustainability goals

    • Educating/training the waste management facilities about the technology

    • Encourage the government to take lead in developing infrastructure necessary for this technology


Nayak, R., Singh, A., Padhye, R. et al. Fashion and Textiles (2015) 2: 9.

By Melissa Kaslowski (MK3263)


One thought on “Content Thread

  1. On top of helping recycle textiles better, this technology will also help keep track of the origin of the fibers. By having the information encoded in the clothes, people (and companies) will be able to know if the material used were sustainably sourced or if the manufacturers have ethical standards.


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