Smart Mosquito Traps May Prevent Future Zika Virus Outbreaks

The Problem

Category: Health

Zika is a mosquito-borne virus that is causing a significant increase in human birth defects, such as microcephaly.  The virus can be transmitted directly by the Aedes species mosquito or via sex with an infected person.  It is difficult to track and identify when Zika is present because most people infected with the virus do not develop any symptoms.

The Tech

Microsoft is testing a smart trap prototype that specifically catches the Aedes species mosquito, the known Zika transmitter.

Microsoft’s smart trap can detect and trap Aedes mosquitoes by measuring the shadow of its flapping wings.

The smart trap also uses sensors, machine learning, and cloud computing to track weather conditions to learn more about mosquitoes’ behavior and predict future virus outbreaks.


Article Title: Tech companies wage war on disease-carrying mosquitos
Website: Reuters

The Stakeholders Using The Tech

Local public officials
Local facility crewmembers
Property owners/operators

The First Three Steps

1. Continue smart trap prototype testing in cities like Houston to test the smart trap’s proof of concept.

2. Identify other at-risk cities/regions like Houston to pitch the smart trap.

3. Raise awareness within those cities/regions of Zika virus threat and need for a smart trap.

UNI: gm2778

Comment on People & Civic Tech in NYC

“I looked more into the Soofa Smart Bench. It apparently uses sensors to collect data on nearby pedestrians. Parks can use it to determine the most active times of day, which can lead to more effective event planning and development choices. This can also lend itself to marketing opportunities for parks/businesses to advertise local events/promotions during peak hours. I’m left wondering if the device itself can offer other services as it’s sort of clunky and appears to take up a significant amount of space.”


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