Carbon Negative Anaerobic Digestion


1. The Problem: Methane Emissions from Organic Waste in Landfills

(Categories: Waste, Energy)

Organic waste disposed of in landfills does not decompose properly and emits methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas. The emission of methane into the atmosphere not only contributes to global warming, it also wastes a valuable potential source of energy.

2. “Carbon Negative” Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Upgrading Plant Opened in Italy

Accessed from: Waste Management World

  • Tecno Project Industriale, a Milan based company, has recently completed the first “carbon negative” anaerobic digestion plant in Italy.
  • Using only the organic portion of municipal solid waste, the plant produces carbon dioxide and methane.
  • The carbon dioxide will be used in industrial processes and the methane will be added to the national natural gas system.
  • As the new plant is the first of its kind in Italy to emit less CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere than it takes out of it, it marks an important step towards a more sustainable, less carbon intense economy.

3. Stakeholders

Main stakeholders for this technology are local and municipal governments, specifically waste and sanitation departments. Private businesses and investors can also create innovative public-private partnerships and business structures to make this a viable investment opportunity.

4. The First Three Steps for Deploying this Technology:

  • Finding a suitable site
  • Financing the project
  • Creating a municipal organic waste collection program to ensure long term reliable feedstock to the plant

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