Cleaning Our Oceans

Ocean Cleanup Project

  1. Sustainability Problems Addressed: Water, Waste and Health
  2. Summary: A) The oceans are being littered with tons of plastic debris, with the Pacific garbage patch alone containing an estimated 5 million pieces of micro-plastic pieces, B) This affects our food chain as fish eat these micro plastic and we subsequently consume the same debris C) A student has developed a technology to capture 50% of the debris within the next five years D) The name of the project is named The Ocean Cleanup and found at
  3. State fisheries managers and environmental organizations
  4. The technology has just been deployed after a challenging start from the beginning of the year. The project has been heavily funded by silicon valley.


By Octavio Franco

oaf2118 / Fall 2017 – Week 2


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Our Oceans

  1. This is a very interesting project. One of the things that I really like about it is that the collected plastics will be recycled and sole, thus becoming a source of revenue.


  2. This technology seems like it could have a lot of different impacts. I wrote about plastic being turning into fabric. I wonder if companies could start using this technology to gather the plastic in the ocean? Right now they are working with Fisherman to collect the plastic. This could be a great addition and could help increase the supply of the plastic bottles available to be upcycled into thread.


  3. This technology is incredibly promising in my opinion. Boyan Slat began to toy with the idea as a 16-year old student – today it has gained traction from investors in silicon valley and been praise by the likes of the UN. The technology itself works by imitating the way plastic works. To avoid a costly, labor intensive and harmful process, the technology is a 2-km systems that is placed in the great pacific garbage patch (which is now the size of France). The systems use anchors, which slower down their pace. Once in place, this floating barrier uses ocean currents to accumulate and collect the plastic. There are no nets involved, which ensure that wildlife is not harmed in the process.


  4. Trash accumulates in ocean creating large garbage patches. If left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health and economies. I believe this technology can solve the issue of ocean garbage by cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and needs to be promoted more by the government, intergovernmental bodies or independent private entities.


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