Hydronic heating:Energy efficient heating for homes


The problem:

Regular heating appliances increase utility bills and also add to the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

The solution:

Hydronic heating provides residential heating at a lower cost by lowering utility bills and also has a very low impact on the environment.

How it works:

Hydronic heating uses  tubing to run a hot liquid beneath the floor, along base board heaters, or through radiators to heat a home.The heated liquid ( heated via a source like boiler) is circulated through loops of plastic piping.These are more viable in new construction as they can be installed within the concrete slabs.The liquid is then returned for reheating  via a reticulating system.



  • Homeowners:Reduce their utility bills but also have the benefit of cleaner air as there are no suspended particles in the air.
  • Contractors:Installing more hydronic heating will provide more income for the contractors.
  • Pipe suppliers/manufacturers:More pipe manufactures will profit from an increased used of hydronic heating.
  • Developer/Building owners:Energy savings for the building and reduced dependence on traditional heating equipment lowering maintenance costs for the building owner.


  • Provide tax incentives to homeowners/building owners to increase the use of hydronic heaters.
  • Implement hydronic heating as a part of building code.
  • Educate homeowners/building developers on the benefits of hydronic heating.


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#rs3686-Radhika Sri Paravastu


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