Micro-CHP Rein in Ballooning Energy Bills


1. Sustainability Area: Energy

Problem: Lack off efficiency energy use and non-utilized waste heat

2. Technology: Micro-CHP

The application of micro-CHP measures will provide load relief and energy cost savings through distributed power generation

  • Micro-CHP units that are an efficient, low-pressure gas, home appliance-sized fuel cells which provide cost savings to the public, and improve resiliency at critical infrastructure
  • Wall-mounted micro-CHP unit turns 10-25 percent of the gas it burns into electricity, which homeowners can use or sell back to the grid.
  • Micro-CHP usually burn natural gas to run an electrical generator. The combustion of the natural gas creates the waste heat that can be used for space heating.
  • Facilities such as fire and police stations ensure that critical loads continue to operate under all circumstances. Several thousand of our proposed micro-CHP units have been installed in Europe and are operating successfully.

3.  Stakeholders:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Small Business
  • Utilities
  • Rate-Payers

4. Deployment:

  • Leverage existing relationships at NYC Mayor’s Office, DCAS, and NYPA.
  • Outreach to public facilities (FDNY, NYPD, and NYC DOE)
  • Propose project financing through utility incentives to lower price of micro-CHP technology.

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