Modern Wind Tower

Modern Wind Tower in Masdar City, UAE

The Problem
In many places around the world, and especially during the summer when temperatures rise, a big chunk of the energy being used in buildings goes into cooling. In countries in the Gulf region such as mine Oman and UAE, summer is virtually a year long season and so many households have their air conditioning units on all day as the air temperature outside is unbearable. The problem with air conditioning units is that they produce a lot HFCs. These are amongst the most potent greenhouse gases being produced through human behavior and contribute to climate change. So how do you cool the air temperature in exrtremely hot cities with an impossible climate?

Technology: Modern Wind Tower
This technology has been around for a long time in Arabia but as countries have progressed and their architecture “modernized”, they chose to leave behind some smart features such as the natural wind tower (pictured below) for the now harmful air conditioners. These towers can still be seen on old buildings in parts of Arabia.

Traditional Wind Towers

These towers suck in high speed wind which are generally faster as you go up in the desert. The air travels down through the tower and “washes” away heat in buildings by providing a constant air current and circulation.

A new breed of wind towers has been designed and they take innovation from these old Arabian wind towers. The idea is the same but they now have sensors that can track air movement and direction to efficiently suck in more air. Another added feature is that they have installed humidifiers that cool the air as it travels through the tower to further speed up the air cooling process.

New Improvements Made to Traditional Wind Towers

Residents and companies in hot climate areas, manufacturers of technology/sensors used, construction companies.

Next Steps
Market this new technology as clean/natural, inspired by old techniques used by our “own” ancestors (assuming target market to be Arabian Gulf region) that substantially reduce GHG emissions. Promote use of wind tunnels with construction/engineering companies since it won’t effect project delivery dates by much if pre-planned. Once installed, this technology is of low cost. Air monitoring/management provided by manufacturing company for a low fee.

By: Ahmad Al Zubair (aa4098)

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One thought on “Modern Wind Tower

  1. Great post! After reading the article, this technology uses sensors to open top louvres in the direction of prevailing winds promoting efficiency.


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