Power Outage !!! Why not try Energy sharing ?

Energy is essential to life and all living organisms. With population explosion, rapid growth of industries and urbanization, there is an immense need to develop technologies/strategy for energy usage. Every year, 7 million customers experience power outages. Outages that last more than 5 to 10 minutes cost customers more than $80 billion each year. So here is a technology where in we could share the energy that is being produced by our alternative renewable energy sources like the solar panels or the wind energy during outages.

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  1. Sustainable Issue: Energy Sharing/Management
  2. Technology: Scientists have developed algorithms that would allow customers to use and share power from their renewable energy sources during outages. This can be done by strategically disconnecting devices, called solar inverters, from the grid.


During an outage, because of the perpetual connections with the grid, it is impossible for the owners to draw on power generated by their own renewable energy sources. A team of engineers from University of California, San Diego have developed an algorithm that would allow consumers to use and share power from their renewable energy sources. This algorithm has the capability to prioritize distribution of power from renewable resources. It can also be programmed to include priority functions based on different parameters. The equations in algorithm consider forecasts for solar and wind power generation as well as how much energy storage is available, including electric vehicles, batteries and so on. The algorithm combines this information with the amount of energy that the consumers are projected to use as well as the amount of energy that a cluster of homes/communities/businesses can generate.

  1. Stake Holders:
  • Public/ Government body
  • Urban planners
  • Corporate and commercial building users
  • Society/communities
  • Utilities
  1. Deployment / Implementation:
  • Step one: Showcase the reliability of the technology to the public, private entities and to the customers. Attract more investors and spread awareness about the usage to this technology.
  • Step two: Initiate regulation change nationwide, which would allow consumers to sell power to other business/residential owners.
  • Step three: Find companies / corporate that could use this technology in their buildings/businesses to demonstrate the efficiency of the technology. Until new regulations are in places this technology can be equipped with renewable power sources that would use constant power and do not have backup generator.
  • Step Four: Collaborate with the Public/Private governing body, urban planners and other organizations to integrate this technology to the communities.
  1. Source : https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/09/170905145546.htm

 UNI: SN2754

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One thought on “Power Outage !!! Why not try Energy sharing ?

  1. The algorithms developed by the researchers work with already existing technology, and would improve overall systems reliability between 25% and 35%.


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