Repurposing Waste Heat for Battery Storage

Alphabet Energy


1) Sustainability Problem:

  • Energy – Waste: Since the 1800’s the idea and practice of converting heat into energy has been inefficient and has only been useful for projects that require low levels on energy to function

2) The Technology:

  • Alphabet Energy has implemented nanotechnology into the process to make energy generation more efficient and viable for larger scale generator and battery systems
  • The California based startup has developed it batteries (PowerBlocks) to collect heat generated by engine exhaust to produce energy and re-power engines
  • Thermoelectric generators are able to improve fuel efficiency for by 5%, helping to bridge the gap between the fuel efficiency of cars and the upcoming US Cafe Standards
  • Traditionally two-thirds of the heat generated by power stations is lost and transferred to the atmosphere, becoming a major motivator for Alphabet Energy’s work

3) Stakeholders:

  • Energy intensive companies: oil, gas, mining, manufacturing and transportation companies
  • Car companies
  • Car consumers

4) Deployment:

  • Greater understanding of the processes involved in industries of production to identify improvement areas and establish an even stronger financial benefit case
  • Stronger brand recognition to influence the market
  • Further improvements for the energy conversion efficiency of the batteries (i.e. shorter charge and cooling times)




Dominic Bell (dlb2189)


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