Smart Solutions for Food Waste

Sustainability problem:

Food waste is both a critical environmental issue and an economic challenge.

Some keys facts to consider:

  • $218 billion is spent annually in the US to grow, process, transport, and dispose 52 million tons of food that is never eaten!
  • Food waste consumes 21% of all freshwater.

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  • Spoiler Alert is a software company founded by two MIT Sloan graduates to help organizations manage and track unsold inventory.
  • Spoiler Alert’s online management platform creates secondary markets to sell remaining inventory to discount buyers or connect with/donate to NGOs.
  • It allows companies to generate new revenue and tax benefits, as well as minimize waste costs by reducing food surplus.


  • Farms
  • Food businesses
  • NGOs
  • Civil society impacted by GHG emissions and climate change
  • Local government
  • Waste management facilities


  • Organizations such as farms, food businesses and NGOs must acquire and install the technology.
  • Integrate or sync the technology with existing inventory management systems.
  • Train employees on the use of the software.
  • Increase awareness of the tool: the success of the secondary marketplaces depend on scale.




UNI: amr2184


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