Solar-powered Pipe desalinizes drinking water

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Clean drinking water is a big challenge for many people across the globe. Despite there being many efforts to invent technologies that can help achieve clean drinking water, another challenge of energy needed to run some of these purification equipment sets in. A new technology currently being used in the California is a solar-powered pipe that can generate its own power and use this power to process water for drinking. It is a technology that if properly developed can go a long way toward contributing water sustainability on a global scale.

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  • The solar-powered plant deploys electromagnetic desalination to provide clean drinking water.
  • The system also contains a system with a mechanism that allows for filtration of the desalinated brine through onboard thermal baths before the brine can be reintroduced into the ocean.
  • The system has solar panels that provide power to pump seawater through an electromagnetic filtration process.
  • The technology leads to the design of equipment that can generate 10,000 MWh per year, the power that will then be used to produce 4.5 billion liters or 1.5 billion gallons of pure and safe drinking water. For most drought-prone regions, the Pipe represents a change in the future of drinking water as it saves energy by generating its own solar power than requiring external sources of power.

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  1. Local government
  2. NGOs
  3. Private sectors
  4. Water-treatment facilities


  • Planning and stakeholder selection
  • Work with local governors and designers
  • Financing the project



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