Upcycled Plastic in Fashion Industry

Credit: SEAQUAL™

Sustainability Problem: The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The materials used to make clothing and other fashion items come from all different sources from oil to sheep. The different types of fabric all pollute the world in different ways.

Technology: This technology is taking plastic and making it into recycle fabric. The market for recycled fabric is growing as fashion companies are looking to reduce their impact. Through a partnership with Danone and H&M, they are taking recycled PET bottles and turning that in to recycled polyester. Similar technology is also being used to turn PET bottles collected from the ocean into polymer and flakes which can then be turning into thread.



Fashion Retailers

Clothing manufacturers

PET bottle manufacturing companies

Recycling Facilities


Implementation: This can create a partnership between fashion companies and beverage companies who both want to move to a more circular economic approach. H&M is currently leading the charge on using recycled thread and can continue to increase their use of it with a larger supply of recycled thread. Other fast fashion companies can begin to use this thread as well to reduce their environmental impact. PET bottles must continue to be collected for recycle either through traditional systems or expanding the partnership for fisherman to continue to collect the trash they find in the ocean.



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