Water Recycling Shower

water-recycling-shower-graphic Source: CINTEP

Sustainability problem: Water scarcity / Reduction of waste water / Energy consumption

It’s estimated that the average American person uses between 2 and 5 gallon of fresh drinkable water per minute while showering everyday (sometimes twice a day).

While places such as California are experiencing increasing periods of drought, water usage needs to be managed more carefully.

As well, cities experience combined sewage overflow. Usually due to high quantities of stormwater getting to treatment plants, the amount of waste water being treated could always be reduced to help solve the problem.

Solution: CINTEP, an Australian company came up with a a shower that recycles water.

The system delivers less than 1 gallon of fresh water at the beginning and then the water is collected, filtered and treated using pasteurisation (purification through to a heating process).

Water is treated in less than 30 seconds and recirculated which reduces the total amount needed by 70%.

The way the shower functions it also uses a heat exchanger to heat the water at the beginning of the process but then the heat produced is also used during the pasteurisation. This also permits energy savings from 40 to 70% compared to a shower with a regular heating system.

Articles:  Business Insider    Sustainability Matters

Stakeholders: – City regulators, Real estate developers, home owners

Technology Implementation:

  1. Find real estate developers working on sustainable projects to have them implement the showers.
  2. Get in touch with city officials to show them how the technology reduces the amount of water needed on a daily basis as well as the amount of waste water produced.
  3. Work with city officials to incentivize home owners to install the showers.






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