Solar-Powered Water Purification


1. Sustainability Problem

Category: Water

One billion people on the planet do not have access to clean water. At least two-thirds of the world’s population lives with severe water scarcity for at least a month of every year. Half of the world’s population is expected to with water stress, where their demand exceeds supply by 2030. These shocking statistics are fueled by the contamination of groundwater via pollution and increasing groundwater salinity caused by rising sea levels. Further, climate change and a growing population have put increasing pressure on available water reserves.

2.Technology Solution

  • The Desolenator is a portable solar-powered water purification system that can purify water from any source for human consumption.
  • Using the power of the sun, water is boiled to produce steam; steam is subsequently converted back into water and any wastes flow out of the machine. A particle filter is also used to remove any solid contaminants in the water.
  • The machine can produce 15 liters of distilled water per day at a cost of $0.0005 per liter.
  • The device contains a sim card that enables the product to offer a pay-per-use micropayment.
  • The product has applications in the developing nations where there is not access to clean and safe water, but also in the developed world for people who are living off the grid or in communities with water quality problems.


  • NGOs
  • Individuals and communities that lack access to clean water in both developed and developing nations
  • Governments of developing nations
  • Militaries
  • Individuals in niche water markets (campers, boaters, survivalists)

4. Technology Deployment

  • Carry out necessary field tests to produce commercially available Desolenators
  • Partner with NGOs and governments in developing nations to provide the technology to communities that lack access to clean water
  • Market the Desolenator to niche markets such as campers, boaters, and survivalists



Supporting article:

Company website:


4 thoughts on “Solar-Powered Water Purification

  1. The filter inside the device can deal slightly cloudy or murky water easily. Besides, the filter is easy to clean by just shaking; therefore, it also saves water for cleaning the device.


  2. Great product and could be really useful in the developing world where there is plenty of solar power but where people often lack access to clean water sources. I wonder how much money these units cost and if this type of implementation would be possible – maybe these units could be made on a larger scale since they are solar powered.


    • I posted my comment before I watched the video. Very cool, though implementation would be tough and it wouldn’t eliminate the need to find a water source (even a dirty one) as it doesn’t create water but still, a step in the right direction. I hope they find lots of financing for their venture.


  3. I think this is a amazing technology that could potentially solve portable water issue in many developing countries and I also agree with Gillian Mollod that the technology could be made on a larger scale, perhaps to support a entire community or village. I’m also thinking in terms of stability that sunlight might not be available everyday. So maybe with a larger scale solar-powered water purification system, a power storage system could be built-in to power the system when sunlight is not available.


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