Building low cost Air Conditioners using only water and terrra-cota

Week 2

Environmental Problem:Release of harmful CFCs and HFCs from refrigerants.

In many developing countries during peak summers, the pollution from air conditioners is huge and utility bills are the highest.

The solution:Building a low cost air conditioning system that is built using  cone shaped terracotta pots arranged to from a beehive pattern.The evaporative cooling starts when water is poured onto the terracotta structure using a motor.The porous terracotta pots absorb water, and as hot air passes through them, it is turned into cool air.

The model can be built anywhere, in remote locations with a consistent electrical grid. But in regions that suffer a shortage of power supply, the model can work as a zero-energy installation with the manual pouring of water over the pots.


1.Architects/engineers will have more contracts to build this technology.

2.Rural/Urban homeowners save money spent on air conditioners and utility bills.

3.Factories/Large facilities that can use recycled water from their operations and deploy this to cool their surroundings and save money.


1.The first step is to educate homeowners/facility owners where this technology can be deployed about the cost savings and effectiveness of the system.

2.Make it a part of building code to provide provisions for implementation of this technology.

3.Employ good architects/engineers to effective build this technology.


Radhika Sri Paravastu




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