Circular Economy For Fashion With Intelligent Assets   


Connected-Clothing.jpg (Issues : Waste, Energy)

Sustainability Problem : Waste is an impending threat to the sustainability of the planet and economically hampers resource efficiency and increases cost. A circular economy eliminates or at least controls waste by promoting resource efficiency and symbiosis within or across sectors. Business models such as fast fashion, pose a drastic threat to the emergence and viability of a circular economy.

Technology :

  • Ecosystem players embed physical triggers (QR, NFC chips of RFID tags) into textiles to provide unique identification of the product like composition.
  • This allows traceability and trackability allowing the textiles to cascade through the circular economy with how to instructions on end-of-life recycling, disassembling, remanufacturing or modifications.
  • In addition, digitally enabled clothing can be programmed to provide information throughout the use phase, giving information about the user’s health, stress levels etc. with the ability to replace wearable technology.  
  • The technology can also be deployed to provide users or wearers with digital experiences, applications and analytics.

Sample ecosystem players : Etology, Content Thread, Rebecca Minkoff, Born Digital Movement

Stakeholders :

  • Businesses
  • Consumers
  • NGO’s (proxy for environmental and social concerns)
  • Governments
  • Suppliers

Deployment :

  • Businesses must develop technical capabilities to understand the benefits of the technology and the circular economy by defining flexible business models and management strategies.
  • Market technology by demonstrating the sustainability management and marketing aspects used to better product lifecycle management.
  • Develop collaboration platforms for value creation and data optimization to gain and maintain competitive advantage.



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