Adaptive traffic signals



Source: Mashable


Sustainability area: Safety, Energy and Health

Cities have a hard time dealing with congestion. It impacts GHG emission, air quality and energy consumption.  Adaptive traffic signals enable the city to adapt their traffic lights automatically based on real data (how many cars, accidents, pedestrian crossing).

Traffic is regulated based on actual road usage and habits. Thanks to sensors and camera, companies such as KLD developed algorithms that learn from patterns and can adapt or redirect traffic.

Sources :



Stakholders: City officials


Conduct a research on the cities that have the most pressing problmes related to congestion

Find areas in those cities where city official will be able to test the technology (enough traffic but not too much, and be careful to not use an area with too many pedestrians)

Record data before the technology is implemented and after it is inplace to compare and follow the progress achieved





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