Cambond and their game-changing green glue

cambond photo 1. Sustainability Issue: Waste/ Health

Most of the adhesives used today can be damaging to human health and the environment, as they are highly toxic, and require a carbon intensive  production process. They are often made from petroleum based materials derived from crude oil and dissolved in solvents that can emit powerful greenhouse gasses.

2. Summary of Technology 

    • Cambond, a startup based out of Cambridge, UK, has developed a “green glue”, an adhesive made from biomass such as algae and co-products from the production of ethanol
    • Plant extracts are a good ingredient in this case because they are naturally really sticky
    • The original intent was for the glue to be used for wood panels,  but it also has potential to be used in the medical field to repair tissues as it is quite water resistant.
    • Additionally, the glue can be mixed with biomass, like straw, to form a substitution for plastic or wood  
    • It is possible to use this technology in existing molding machinery, lowering the barrier to entry for expanded business opportunities

 3. Stakeholders 

    • Cambond Research & development team
    • Cambond Business Development/ Sales and Marketing 
    • Cambond Factory Production manager
    • Cambond procurement, raw materials sourcing
    • Future Cambond clients
    • External raw materials providers, biomass waste companies

4. Deployment Next Steps

    • Identify new business partners, users for the raw glue technology
    • Develop and research new products (similar to wood pallets)
    • Understand implementation requirements, volume, costing

UNI -JM4202
Fall 2017 – Week 2


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