Community-based parking

1) Sustainability Problem:

Persistent inefficiency as drivers seeking parking can not be matched with available supply.
However, ICT-based systems connecting users, vehicles (V2X) and infrastructure can increase transportation system efficiency. In this particular case, employing the automated parking sensors on vehicles traversing the city is an innovative way to use the fleet to collect real-time data about available spaces. This obviates the need for parking detection hardware on street lamps or embedded in the pavement.
Category: Mobility

2) Technology Summary:

Article: Work together, park faster with community-based parking
Website: Bosch
Tags: #smart parking

3) Organizational stakeholders

  1. automotive manufacturers
  2. IoT sensor manufacturers
  3. ICT regulators
  4. privacy advocates

4) Steps in deploying this technology

  1. identify lowest cost, highest performance sensor equipment
  2. mandate lidar & camera technology inclusion for all new vehicles
  3. establish privacy/cyber requirements to allow new data streams to be fully leveraged
  4. develop easy, highly usable UX/UI for drivers to combat learning curve and slow adoption issues
Related Resources:

Uni: jz2805

One thought on “Community-based parking

  1. Week 2 – Comments
    I think community based parking is a great idea, especially in busy cities where on average it does take 4.5km or half hour to find a parking space and costs can add up to about $500-$600 per year. Using the Bosch system, drivers can save time and money and be directed to the nearest empty parking space. It is a great idea to have transmitter vehicles and multiple vehicles that take part simultaneously in the search for isolated parking spaces, ultimately finding them more quickly. Data is gathered and sent to the cloud where it is collected, aggregated, and processed further into digital parking maps.
    UNI: AV2698


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