New Tool for Fashion Supply Chains

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“Connected” is a service for data and supply chain transparency that through a partnership with Control Union and H&M. The goal of this technology is to help fashion companies reach their goals of transparent supply chains and responsible sourcing.

Relation to Sustainability Problem:

The supply chains in the appeal industry are complex and spread all over the world. This complexity leads to sustainability challenges. For example, if a company wants to implement different sustainability initiatives through their supply chain they have no way of knowing which parts of their supply chain are impacting communities and the environment.  This technology helps companies to analyze that information and make informed decisions.

Technology Stakeholders:

  1. Control Union
  2. Apparel Industry
  3. Supply Chains in the apparel industry
  4. Customers
  5. Governments

Technology Implementation:

This technology is already being used by H&M in their viscose suppliers. The next steps are to expand this to other supply chains within H&M. There are 100 other fashion companies that are committed to supply chain transparency. This companies should also start using this technology. Once the technology has started to be utilized, the data collected must be analyzed and used to make more informed decisions. For example, they could work to reduce their environmental and social impact in specific parts of their supply chain that is not up to their standards. Another part of supply chain transparency is giving this information to the public and their customers so they can also make informed decisions.


One thought on “New Tool for Fashion Supply Chains

  1. This technology not only allows a company to map out their supply chain and trace the origin of product they’re using, but it also has features that help to seamlessly use this data for compliance purposes.


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