The Shoes with No (Carbon) Footprint

co2-shoes1) Sustainability Area: Energy/Waste Management

Problem: It is great to reduce GHG by any technology. But instead, how about making use of CO2 to manufacture products like shoes, which we can potentially turn into everything?

2) Technology

  •  By a collaboration between energy company NRG and product management firm 10xBeta, these sneakers are made mostly from recycled carbon dioxide emissions.
  • As a video about the shoes explains, carbon dioxide emitted by power plants was captured and turned into a special polymer which made up approximately 75 percent of the final product.
  • The rest of the sneakers’ materials were not composed of recycled CO2, but emissions released during their production could be captured via the same processes that collect the carbon dioxide used to make the shoe
  • Although these sneakers are not on sale at this stage, but if this technology can be commoditized, it can be applied to any products.

Source: Creating A Shoe Without A Footprint (including 2:18 sec YouTube video)

 3) Stakeholders:

  • Business with technology of carbon capture and utilizing it for manufacturing
  • Investors
  • Citizen to use products by these technologies

4) Deployment

  • Carbon dioxide emitted by power plants is captured
  • Make it turned into a special polymer to manufacture product



Fall 2017 – Week 2


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