ThinkEco Goes Beyond Modlet

  1. Sustainability problem: Vampire Voltage

Large office equipment can drain energy usage with their plug loads even while not in use.

2. Technology: ThinkEco’s Modlet

  • The Modlet allows users to plug in their window AC’s to the device which then acts as a smart hub to control AC temperatures and usage.
  • More than 25% of electricity that companies use go directly into a plug load and has been growing.
  • ThinkEco looks to create software that allows companies to manage appliances and office equipment besides window AC units.
  • Through research ThinkEco has found out that they companies can turn off appliances 50% of the time because they are not in use.

3. Stakeholders:

  • Companies
  • Individual Consumers
  • Multi Family Buildings

4.  Deployment of Technology

  • Provide an analytical study of ThinkEco’s Modlet and showcase its value with window AC units.
  • Work with Utilities to incentive people to use them and allow for cheaper costs.
  • Work with retail stores such as BestBuy to create a retail outlet that consumers can purchase and have access to the Modlet.





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