Fashion tech: animal-free leather?

Sustainability problem:

Leather is a $100 billion global business. It is an industry tied to a complex and unreliable supply chain, challenged by price volatility and sourcing inconsistency due to the non-homogenous quality of the material. Research has shown that 20 to 30% of the raw material goes to waste.

The industry is dependent on animal skin, and is petrochemical and GHG intensive.


modernmeadow1-500x625.png Fake or real? (source: Courtesy)

Modern Meadow is a biotechnology startup fabricating leather without animal skin. The company produces a fibrous protein called collagen by fermenting a specific strain of yeast. The collagen is then assembled and tanned to create a material that is almost identical to traditional leather.


  • any company sourcing leather to manufacture its goods
  • fashion and luxury industry with high margins and a pressing need to innovate
  • traditional leather suppliers
  • NGOs


  • Raise product and technology awareness
  • Strategic B2B business development campaigns
  • Product development partnerships with clients
  • Further technology/advance to reduce the price of currently costly product and unlock mainstream markets beyond the luxury industry




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