Can Technology Help in Gun Control?

sustainability problem: Safety

Issue: With more and more school shootings happened in the past few years, people are now more aware of the risks of having a gun in the home. In the state now, there are more than three models of personalized handguns could be bought by the public. Therefore, making sure that commercial guns are carried by the registered owner is one of government’s critical task regarding gun control.


  • Protector XT was developed by Ben Tomb whose son was shot by another adolescent 25 years ago
  • Protector XT is a locking station that secures a firearm and provides access to authorized users with biometric fingerprinting technology.
  • It aims to provide “peace of mind” to firearms owners by designing products that enhance the safe storage of guns
  • Assures a quick and reliable access to a firearm in 2 seconds or less


  • State government that aims to improve gun safety and decrease the gunshot accidents
  • Gun owners who want to ensure no one else can have access to their guns to commit a crime
  • Gun manufacturers who want to be a more socially responsible company


  • Have a partnership with government’s gun control project
  • Attend SHOT Show such as the one held in LV annually
  • Launch gun safety program in communities, schools etc.


Comment on Solar-Powered Toilet That Treats and Recycles Water:

When a toilet is out of order, the Seva Sustainable Sanitation automatically directs users to other nearby sanitation systems. And in the next three years, Seva team will develop and test its maintenance system in which the embedded sensors will be able to determine if there is a failure and then an operator will be notified and come to fix it.


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