Connected Rooftop Units (RTU’s)Learn to Monitor and Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Ch2217 is my uni


1-Energy, Health, Indoor Air Quality




A smart rooftop unit (RTU) can connect to the building BMS via BACnet or LONworks. The units can upload data to the cloud and over time can ‘learn’ to replicate responses from past operations. These units can sense contaminants and anomalous conditions and ‘reach out’ for assistance, alerting owners to indoor environment conditions.


3—The stakeholders are anyone owning or operating a building or home large enough to justify the installation of a rooftop unit.


4—I would market the rooftop units to real estate management companies already operating them on their buildings as an upgrade for their tenants, as well as for new construction projects.


My comment is for the ‘Air Purification through Carpet’ article.


Comment: I would try to market this to schools, parents and daycare facilities by informing the stakeholders (parents) that it would help prevent allergies and asthma.




One thought on “Connected Rooftop Units (RTU’s)Learn to Monitor and Maintain Indoor Air Quality

  1. Great Find! From my perspective, as an Energy Engineer that worked with RTUs for several years, there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement in RTU technology. Also, these units cover virtually all vertical markets and this technology can be marketed to those. The best opportunity would be to retrofit existing units with IoT controls. Again, great find!


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