Nano Ganesh: Controlling your irrigation pump through your mobile device

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Sustainability Problem: Water

Due to the constant changes in elements that affect the agriculture sector such as, changes in precipitation, drought, and electricity breakouts, any alteration adds an extra burden on small-scale farmers.


– Nano Ganesh technology was developed by Ossian Agro Automation. A company that focuses on developing automation system technology in rural areas to save electricity, water, time and labor in the agriculture sector.

– The Nano Ganesh technology helps small-scale farmers navigate their water pumps from their mobile devices.

– This tool helps the farmer to track the availability of electricity and the availability of water

– It is a low-cost device that is available for the use of any farmer





Pump Industry


1. Identify who would benefit from the technology

2. Educate the users about Nano Ganesh

3. Encourage the government to invest in the technology to make it safer and expand the use


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