Origami-inspired clothing range that grows with your child

Origami Cloth

1. Sustainability Area: Energy


Most children grow by seven sizes in their first two years, and parents spend an average of £2,000 on clothing before their child reaches the age of three. As well as the high cost and limited lifespan, mass production of garments places huge pressure on the environment through waste, water consumption and carbon emissions.

2. Technology/Deployment

  •  Ryan Yasin devised the material using scientific principles he studied for his aeronautical engineering degree.
  •  It is made from distinctive pleated lightweight fabric which is waterproof, machine washable and recyclable, with all garments fitting the three-month to three-year age group.
  • It works by employing the so-called negative Poisson’s ratio, which Yasin studied while at London’s Imperial College.
  • When stretched, materials that have this ratio – known as auxetics – become thicker and can expand in two directions at the same time. The phenomenon is already used in stents and biomedical implants.
  • The pleats move in both directions, either folding together or expanding, and allowing the garment to move with the child.
  • Heat treatment fixes these properties permanently in place, even through the wash cycle; the garments are designed to be long-lasting and can fold down small enough to tuck in your pocket.

Source: Origami-inspired clothing range that grows with your child wins Dyson award


3. Stakeholders:

  • Family who has infants/toddlers as consumer
  • Fashion industry (manufacturing company and retails)
  • Investors

<Comment on Solar Paint>

The technology is likely still a few years away from commercialization, since the harvested hydrogen gas would still need to be collected somehow and stored until put to use.

UNI: mt3170

Fall 2017 – Week 3


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