Air-conditioner Whale/Air Conditioner Plug-in

Issues: Global warming, water recycle, waste energy

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Air condition Whale is designed to collect water produced by air conditioner through dehumidifying and condensing the air inside. In fact, conditioner water is clean enough to use. The air conditioner water is clean enough to use. This design is to recycle the air conditioner water and spread them into the air in fog form to cool down the room temperature. Using this device, it could help air conditioner consumes less electricity and carbon emissions.
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Technology(It’s a concept now, but I think the primary functions are similar to humidifiers. ):

  • Collect waste water from air-conditioner
  • Vaporizer heats or boils water
  • Releasing steam and moisture into the air


  • Air conditioner manufacturers
  • Current residents
  • Energy companies


  • Increase people’s awarenesses of energy consuming in air-conditioner water, and how it contributes to global warming.
  • Distribute Air-conditioner Whale to local communities
  • Partnership with home improvement stores, and construction companies

Article: Air Conditioner Whale,

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4 thoughts on “Air-conditioner Whale/Air Conditioner Plug-in

  1. The device is also able to detect the level of humidity in the atmosphere, compensating by spraying mist into the air during periods of lower than desirable humidity.


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