Car to Car Communication

Problem: Safety  

With a estimated 1.3 million deaths per year and 20-50 million injuries due to motor vehicle related incidents, the ways in which we interact with cars presents a significant sustainably risk to both drivers and pedestrians.


  • Car to Car communication allows for the transfer to data from a few hundred meters away
  • Information on cars position, speed, steering wheel position, brake status, and more is relayed
  • Readings from other cars are transmitted every 10 seconds


  • -Governments
  • -Automobile Companies
  • -Pedestrians
  • -Vehicle Consumers


  • The first step with be developing reliable prototypes of the technology to initiate its position in the market.
  • Agreements between car companies will need to be made to create a communication system that is universal or compatible across the industry.
  • Due to the high level of cost needed to implement the systems initially, involvement from governments will be needed to drive policy change and provide subsidies to reduce overall cost.

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By Dominic Bell (dlb2189)


2 thoughts on “Car to Car Communication

  1. Since this is a wireless communication network there are issues with security that are not discussed in this article at all. Additionally, how effective will this system be on first implementation? Without a large network of other cars to “talk to” the sensors will not provide much value.


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