Fully Circular Furniture

1) Sustainability Problem: Waste

Our lifestyles have come to revolve around single use, disposable items that accumulate in our streets, landfills and our oceans. At the same time, we are depleting our natural resources to produce these singe use times. This method of production uses our natural resources at an unsustainable rate and damaging the environment.

2) Technology:

  • Pentatonic, a circular homeware startup, is addressing this problem by creating high-end, modular, locally made, furniture that is fully recyclable. All of their products are made from post-consumer waste, located, sourced and produced in Europe. The company is also encouraging consumers to sell back the products they no longer wish to keep so that they can be made into something new by Pentatonic. All of their products are made using single materials so that they can be recycled.
  •   Pentatonic’s products are also modular so that you can repurpose components from a chair to build one of their tables and vice versa, meaning you only have to buy the remaining components needed.
  • Additionally, Pentatonic is offering their customers full transparency, every Pentatonic component has a Product Identification Number engraved on it, which allows them to track that component’s journey through the entirety of its lifecycle: where and when it was made, what trash was used to make it, what batch it was a part of and who has owned it.
  • While the concept of recycling waste into fabrics is not new, Pentatonic takes this concept to a new level by always using single materials that are fully recyclable and combining this with a circular business model in the furniture industry, which has not been done before.
  • Their unique materials include: Plyfix, a textured felt made from plastic that is water-resistant and breathable; SRPX, a sustainable cotton fiber that is made of layers of knitted fabric; fabric made from woven plastic (PET) that is more durable than regular fabric, and glassware made from recycled smartphone screens.  All of the fabrics are free of bio-based components, can be used indoors or outdoors, and are machine washable. The glassware is dishwasher safe and scratch-resistant.

3) Stakeholders:

  • Competitors (other furniture companies)
  • Consumers
  • Waste management facilities (sourcing materials)

4) Deployment/Implementation

  • Finalize component traceability system and launch on website
  • Increase partnerships to help consumer learn about and use their products (Starbucks collaboration and pop-up)
  • Increase marketing efforts to increase their customer base in order to take full advantage of their circular business model.






Comment on Car to Car Communication:

Since this is a wireless communication network there are issues with security that are not discussed in this article at all. Additionally, how effective will this system be on first implementation? Without a large network of other cars to “talk to” the sensors will not provide much value.


3 thoughts on “Fully Circular Furniture

  1. Comments to Fully Circular Furniture by ETG2132:

    Circularity is embedded into the design of each and every Pentatonic piece — product components aid in the construction of each piece, eliminating the need for complicated assembly processes and chemical-laden glues and resins, while also minimizing unnecessary waste. What’s more, post-consumer materials are matched to products based on their unique properties and application possibilities.

    UNI: AV2698


  2. Great product idea. There are a few companies all ready doing the same thing but on smaller scale – lamp fixtures, side tables, and gadgets. I’m curious what is the net energy required to manufacture each product and the life per product.


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