Recycle Nation App for Civic Engagement

Have you ever wondered if an object you had was recyclable? A new tech solution from Recycle Nation addresses this issue.

  1. Sustainability Problem: Civic Engagement
  2. The following few points highlight 1800Recycling’s technology:
    • Recycle Nation created an application for your phone or other device
    • the app was formerly known as “My Recycle List”
    • it uses mapping technology to show areas where different materials can be recycled
    • it’s user-friendly filters allow you to search for locations that recycle a range of items
  3. Organizational Stakeholders: Technology developers, Mapping technology stakeholders, GIS analysts, Marketing and Business development team
  4. First 3 Steps to Deploy Technology: In deploying this technology, it would be important to establish app developers to continue to make updates to the application. Secondly, hiring a team of GIS analysts to continue to plot the upkeep of other recycling facilities and update the mapping data points. Lastly, I would implement a development team to promote the application as well as acquire financing.

Check out the link below for more information about the app.


Comment on Solar Bike Paths: I really enjoyed this article and this piece of technology. Solar panels generated 3,000 kWh in 6 months. This outperformed the threshold that was estimated in a lab due to prior testing. It seems that this technology could be easily deployed and has great benefits, despite the cost.




2 thoughts on “Recycle Nation App for Civic Engagement

  1. This is an interesting idea, and not hard to deploy. It has a lot of educational value. The company could provide rewards for users who watched the tutorial or finished recycle something. This app could also partner with other recycle apps.


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