Reducing GHG Impact Through Smart Bins

Issues : Waste

Sustainability Problem : The US alone accumulates upwards of 222 million tons annually. Most of this comes from a variety of sources including plastic, paper, organics and glass. Even though recycling rates in developed countries are considerably higher, contamination of recyclables still poses a large risk and loss. In addition, the cost associated with transporting trash to landfills is tremendously high.

Technology :

  • Autonomous M2M sensor is installed in the container lid. The sensor measures container fill level and transmits data to a centralized system where route optimization is planned.
  • Solar energy enabled bins can be used to fuel bins as internet hot spots being fashioned as learning hubs


Sample ecosystem players : Enevo , TDC, Cisco, Bigbelly


Stakeholders :

  • Business
  • Governments
  • Communities


Deployment :

  • Reduction of operational costs and initial start-up
  • Market technology by demonstrating the sustainability management and cost reduction.
  • Develop collaboration platforms for value creation and data optimization to gain and maintain competitive advantage.



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