Reducing GHG Impact Through Smart Bins

Issues : Waste

Sustainability Problem : The US alone accumulates upwards of 222 million tons annually. Most of this comes from a variety of sources including plastic, paper, organics and glass. Even though recycling rates in developed countries are considerably higher, contamination of recyclables still poses a large risk and loss. In addition, the cost associated with transporting trash to landfills is tremendously high.

Technology :

  • Autonomous M2M sensor is installed in the container lid. The sensor measures container fill level and transmits data to a centralized system where route optimization is planned.
  • Solar energy enabled bins can be used to fuel bins as internet hot spots being fashioned as learning hubs


Sample ecosystem players : Enevo , TDC, Cisco, Bigbelly


Stakeholders :

  • Business
  • Governments
  • Communities


Deployment :

  • Reduction of operational costs and initial start-up
  • Market technology by demonstrating the sustainability management and cost reduction.
  • Develop collaboration platforms for value creation and data optimization to gain and maintain competitive advantage.



One thought on “Reducing GHG Impact Through Smart Bins

  1. Smart waste management technologies are cleaning up the sector, helping to reduce the operational costs and environmental problems associated with inefficient waste collection. The Solar-powered trash and recycling bins equipped with sensors – analyse data about what is being trashed and recycled and notify collectors about when a bin is too full and needs a pick-up. This can also help to optimize the trash pick up route and lesser trash going to the landfill. I believe Smart waste technologies are growing in value and will continue to play a bigger role in helping private corporations and public entities improve efficiency and meet the waste reduction goals worldwide.


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