Solar Crematorium:Solving India’s problem of pollution from Crematoriums

Background and environmental problem:In India,the body of a person is burnt according to the Hindu traditions using logs of wood that causes air pollution, respiratory problems to nearby residents  and cutting down of trees.Between 500-600 kg of wood is required to burn one body.

Solution:Pollution free solar crematorium that uses  concentrated solar energy to burn the dead body.The processes involved in this technology are:

  •  Igniting the dead body locally with the help of a huge concentrating reflector having very high CR and to maintain the combustion of dead body by supplying the fresh atmospheric air with the help of blower.
  • Once combustion of dead body starts within the cremation chamber, it also releases heat which automatically in combination with solar energy obtained from concentrating reflector maintains continuous burning of dead body until complete dead body gets converted into ash.Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 23.30.04.pngdead body until complete dead body gets converted into ash.


Organizational Stakeholders:

1.Concentrated solar reflector distributors.

2.Solar Engineers.

3.Religious Groups.

4.Local Citizens living  close to the crematorium.


1.First step is to educate religious groups and citizens of having a wood free crematorium.

2.Partnering with local solar engineering firms to develop the technology.

3.Working with local municipalities to help fund the project.


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2 thoughts on “Solar Crematorium:Solving India’s problem of pollution from Crematoriums

  1. Religious sentiments will be a huge deterrent in adopting this technology. Though there remains a hope as crematorium in large cities have gone electric. One should look and study the way bodies are cremated in Zoroastrian religion – they are neither buried nor burnt, a very minimum impact to environment.


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