Turning your stake leftovers into car fuel


The Problem

Fossil fuel is the lifeblood of the mobility sector and while the world is transitioning towards electric transportation it will be a long time until lose our dependency on diesel / gas. Until we achieve “clean transportation” need an intermediate solution with lower GHG emissions for the mobility sector – Renewable Diesel

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The Technology – A new type of wheel that  is more sustainable, resilient and efficient

  • Neste is an innovative oil company creating renewable diesel from waste, animal fats and vegetable oil. Neste’s renewable diesel is chemically identical to “regular” diesel.


  • Neste’s renewable diesel has 90% lower emissions compared to regular diesel


  • By 2030 ~10% of global car fleet will be electric, which means that ~90% will need cleaner gas / diesel fuel to run on. Furthermore, cleaner jet fuel is the only viable way to reduce pollution from the aviation sector.
  • The company is also working on developing bioplastics, which they hope will hit the market by 2018.


Individuals using transportation (i.e. practically everyone) – as the company’s solutions target almost every mode of transportation.


Step 1: Expand production capabilities of renewable diesel.

Step 2:  Partner with leading companies, cities or institutions to showcase and pilot the product to gain public and regulatory acceptance.

Step 3: Develop new bio-based petroleum products to displace fossil fuels.


Article Link

Company’s website – Link


One thought on “Turning your stake leftovers into car fuel

  1. thoughts on “Air Purification through Carpet”:
    omriklag says:
    OCTOBER 5, 2017 AT 1:48 PM
    This is a pretty nice solution, especially since indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment (EPA).
    Another point from the website – The carpet captures both PM10 particles as well as larges dust particles.


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