Smart Cities Empowered by Blockchain #BT2443

1) Sustainability Area(s): Covering all three sustainability pillars (economic, social, and environmental) direct and indirect way.

Inefficiency within public and private sectors causes an enormous amount of unsustainable issues including carbon footprint.

2) Sustainability Technology: Blockchain

– The technology shift could help cut its cost though transparency and optimization and security to all processes
-Improve government management, support urban planning, underpin the collaborative economy and contribute to sustainability policies
-Digitization of the systems that surround citizens of the cities
– Help avoid corruption and hierarchy
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1. Stefan Junestrand, “How Can Blockchain Helps Smart cities,”
BVVA, 09, August 2017
2. Ronan O’Boyle, “Block capital: How blockchain could change planning,” The Planner, 06, January 2017
3. Nikhil Lohade “Dubai Aims to Be a City Built on Blockchain,” The Wallstreet Journal, April 24, 2017
3) Key Stakeholders and their role in the implementation:
-Government institutions
-Citizens of the cities

4) Steps Deploying Technology:
– Data collection
– Transfer existing data to blockchain as well as create a system for new information
– Optimize operations through blockchain using transferred data
-Build smart contracts


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