Smart Yarn


Sustainability Problem: Safety and Health

Background on Technology

  • VOLT Smart Yarn is highly conductive yarn that can be used in commercial sewing machines and be used with other fabrics. This product was explained in a press release by VOLT’s parent company Supreme Corporation.
  • The yarn is about the size of a human hair and contains about 4 wires with in it.
  • The press release and other supporting videos and articles explain that the primary use for the yarn is for body armor, more specifically for the police. The technology can be used as a sensor to notify nearby police stations when there has been impact, if a police officer is lying down or standing up, their vital signs, and their current location.
  • Other uses include turning on and off other devices or controlling the volume.
  • VOLT explains they want the fabric to be used for other reasons besides safety and is challenging the public to think of other ways to use it.


  • VOLT Smart Yarn
  • Supreme Corporation
  • Body armor manufactures
  • Policy and Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Tech Companies
  • Clothing Manufactures

Steps to deploying technology:

  1. Establish partnership with law enforcement. The technology cannot be implemented without a client to use it. This also allows for stakeholder engagement to learn about how the yarn can best be utilized.
  2. Manufacture body amour with new technology in it.
  3. Analyze results from law enforcement use and begin to market it to other sectors.

Comment on “A Building itself can be a power plant by waste-generated tech”:

  • This technology could be utilized on islands where space is limited for waste and energy is expensive.




2 thoughts on “Smart Yarn

  1. In the article, it also mentioned that the yarn could also incorporate with a Bluetooth transmitter critical information and transmit the information to the headquarter instantly. With the development of technology, we may expect more advanced IoTs added into this smart fabric.


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