Browser Extension technology used for flagging sustainability issues



 1. Sustainability Problem Area: Social/Engagement/Transparency

It is difficult for online shoppers to learn about the sustainability aspects of products they buy. Mainstream retailers do not often disclose helpful information, and consumers need to spend time investigating brands and products to be well informed.  

 2. Summary

    • Impakt, an “ethical shopping” extension, hopes to bring this common browser technology,  also used by ebates (reward for online shopping), Honey (coupon finder), and Amazon (price & product finder), to the world of social responsibility
    • The Impakt extension uses algorithmic machine learning to access public information such as government data, industry studies, and university or NGO reports
    • It then will flag those products and companies that  exploit child labor or climate change (just 2 examples), and recommend alternative products that may match user preferences better  (and be more sustainable)
    • Impakt can be used on both retailer websites (Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy) as well as company websites (H&M, Sephora).


 3. Stakeholders

  • Impakt Team
  • Retailers
  • Brands
  • Consumers

 4. Deploying the Technology

  • Impakt will need to  grow their user base via marketing or word of mouth to spread the word about their service
  • Impackt will need to build relationships with brands and retailers, so that they do not figure out a way to block the extension because of information they do not want to share with their supplier
  • Impackt could work to make their information more specific, so that not just entire brands (e.x: H&M), and partner with companies to help them tell sustainability stories.

UNI- JM4202

Comment: The power reserve for the “e-dumper” is 600kWh, as much as an average home in the Mid-Atlantic US uses in a month. In one day, the truck can generate 200kWh of energy from 20 round trips. What happens, however, if this truck isn’t’ going downhill everyday, and can’t generate energy from breaking?


2 thoughts on “Browser Extension technology used for flagging sustainability issues

  1. A good initiative, but lacks scalability and financial viability.
    It is not clear what is their source of data and methodology to report on child labor and climate related issues. ‘Climate related’, itself is a very broad term.
    Wonder how many companies will offer this as part of ‘value proposition’ on their online shopping site. Does Impakt charge a fee for this service? If yes, then it brings in a whole new issue of integrity, due diligence, etc. If not, then what is Impakt’s source of revenue, other than $1 premium membership?


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