Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Sustainability Issue

Energy Conservation. Around 30% of a building’s energy is from the HVAC equipment. 10-30% of this is wasted due to system inefficiences.


Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) uses standard “rules” to determine when these pieces of equipment are operating at deficiencies and alerts stakeholders to correct. Building Automation Systems are already in place (in most locations) and monitor the system parameters required for these rules to take place. What’s needed is to trend the data and run through data analytics to determine where the deficiencies exist.


  • Building Owners – Required buy in to fund the FDD process
  • Building Automation Companies – Work hand-in-hand with Building Owners to ensure the equipment is operating efficiently.
  • Utility Companies – Partially fund energy service projects, including FDD.
  • Government – Ensure Utility Companies are funding energy service projects.


Setup pilot projects demonstrating energy savings potential for FDD. From these pilot projects, calculate an expected energy savings utility companies can use to base rebates off. With buy-in from utility companies, building owners will trust the process and purchase FDD solutions from their Building Automation Company.


NIST – “Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems Project”

California Energy Commission – Advanced Automated HVAC Fault Detection and Diagnostics Commercialization Program.


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Article: “Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)”
Comment: So good! Great solution for farmers wanting to grow fish and not grow food. There’s also a solution, aquaponics, which uses the “wastewater” directly to grow crops without going through an intermediary step of being filtered and extracted. Anything to get the word out on sustainable methods of fishing!


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