Sustainability issue: Mass transportation and energy.

Mass transportation as we know it today is tedious and requires a lot of waiting and adjusting oneself to the transportation companies fixed schedules. The routes are not always ideal for the passenger and there could be a lot of transfers needed to get from point A to B. Furthermore, because of the high demands of mass transportation, the trains/buses are packed with people and is not a comfortable way to travel. Sometimes one even has to wait for the next train because the first one was full.


Technology: The Hyperloop One

  • Elon Musk from SpaceX has proposed a new technology that will be able to move people at great speeds for a low price.
  • The people will sit in a levitated pod that travels through a low-pressure tube at airplane speed using an electric motor. This will get you where you need to be, in a couple of blinks of the eye.
  • The full system testing is scheduled for 2017, and has a goal of moving passengers in 2021. Routes are currently under development in five countries.
  • The Hyperloop will operate on demand, which will reduce the wait times as it does not stick to a fixed schedule.
  • More cost- and energy efficient than trains, as it need little energy to function.

3)  Stakeholders

  • Engineers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • City infrastructure planners
  • Utility companies

4) Implementation

  1. Create and test the Hyperloop to make it safe
  2. Infrastructure planning, find out where to place the rails
  3. Market the technology to the population as a safe and fast option for mass transportation


Link to technology: Hyperloop explained,

Supporting article: Elon Musk’s Hyperloop pusher pod hit an impressive 220 mph in new test run,

UNI: ms5584

My comment on another article:

“This technology could also be used in the future to make self-driving cars safer. They could do this by analyzing the other cars in the environment and then be able to brake in time if it senses danger. The cars will be able to forecast dangers and react faster than a human could, and will thus increase the general traffic safety.”


2 thoughts on “THE HYPERLOOP ONE

  1. Hyper loop one is to be built on columns or to be tunneled below ground to avoid dangerous grade crossings, harming wildlife and the environment due to the lack of direct emissions.


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