Biking at night made easier

Problem: Transportation, pollution, safety

Technology: Glow in the dark biking paths!

-Sunlight charges special particles inside the asphalt called “luminophores” that turn neon when the sun goes down, lighting up the path for cyclists.

-Attracts and encourages citizens to chose biking over driving by making the practice safer and easier at night.

-Great for the environment and for saving money on electricity for the city (no lights needed), and fuel for the citizens.

Organizational stakeholders: city government

Deploying the technology: Find out the percentage of cyclists in a given city, survey the cyclists to find out what the gains and pains of biking at night are for them, determine whether or not the city has enough solar potential to power the biking paths.


Comment on other post: Hyper loop one is to be built on columns or to be tunneled below ground to avoid dangerous grade crossings, harming wildlife and the environment due to the lack of direct emissions.


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