Interlocking Windmills Make Green Energy as Easy as Assembling LEGOs

Sustainable problem: energy, wind energy

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.53.46 AM

Windflock is a wind-energy system based on a modular structure with an open and flexible ‘add-on’ system made of mini windmills. The structure looks like a 3D crystal composition, and the assembly is described to be as easy as putting together LEGOs, and other mini windmills can be connected to each other, which makes the units widely accessible for buyers ranging from different skill levels. This Windflock may be located between buildings or atop them as part of the whole construction.



  • Main parts – rotor blades, engine/rotor, back wing
  • Turbines turn the kinetic wind energy into electric energy
    • Rotor blades spin and collect energy
    • Transfer it to the rotator
    • Transfer this natural energy into electrical energy


  • Department of Energy/Governments
  • Energy companies/Technology partners
  • Investors
  • Residents


  • Introduce this technology to governments, building owners, energy companies, and residents.
  • Establish a partnership with the governments/energy companies
  • Market the product to consumers

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