Mitticool-Keeping food fresh without electricity

Environmental Problem:

Refrigerators  pose a huge problem today as they emit toxic HFCs which  reduces ozone layer, pose health risks and also consume a lot of electricity.


“Mitticool” -a refrigerator is completely made of clay and consumes no amount of electricity to keep food fresh.

How it works:

Mitticool works on the principle of evaporation. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side, and gets evaporated taking away heat from the inside, leaving the chambers cool. The top upper chamber is used to store water. A small lid made from clay is provided on top. A small faucet tap is also provided at the front lower end of chamber to tap out the water for drinking use. In the lower chamber, two shelves are provided to store vegetables, fruits and milk etc.



1.Makers and distributors of Mitticool

2.Homeowners:Will significantly reduce utility bill costs for homeowners using Mitticool.

3.Citizens:Improved air quality and less GHG emissions.


1.Increase the production of MittiCool and increase its size to fit more contents.

2.Increase awareness among citizens on the benefits of electricity free refrigerators.

3.Make Mitticool more accessible to rural and urban residents.


Mitticool – Affordable Refrigeration

UNI: #rs3686

Week 4

Comment on another blog post:

This is an amazing idea!Most of the groceries I buy for the week goes to waste as it gets spoilt soon.This will be great way to reduce food waste and probably also solve world hunger?







3 thoughts on “Mitticool-Keeping food fresh without electricity

  1. Mitti Cool is also extremely affordable. According to one of the articles, it costs only $50 dollars and as it doesn’t require electricity there are no recurring costs associated.


  2. I have personally seen this innovation in use in the rural areas of Rajasthan. This is a fine example of Frugal innovation and ‘Jugaad’ innovation


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