Smartscooter & Smart Energy Network


Problem: current individual transportation modes, especially in developing countries, still rely on vehicles such as scooters that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gasses. In addition, vehicle ownership in developing nations is expected to rise.

Solution: A zero emission electric scooter that is powered by a removable battery which is obtained through a shared charging network.

  • Gogoro is a Taiwan-based startup that manufactures and sells electric scooters powered by removable battery packs.
  • Customers purchase ownership of the scooter, and gain membership to a charging network where they obtain and swap out the battery packs.
  • Battery station locations and battery availability is managed through a mobile app.
  • Gogoro can analyze data of charging activity to help inform where to distribute more batteries and when to take advantage of off-peak charging


  • conventional scooter owners
  • cities with high traffic pollution

First 3 steps:

  • identify cities with high scooter/moped ridership
  • propose the Smart Energy Network to municipal transportation departments
  • market to consumers


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2 thoughts on “Smartscooter & Smart Energy Network

  1. A good concept, but it could also focus on allowing more than a single ridership. Use of shared resources in nations would lesser the vehicular traffic on roads.


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