Tractor-trailers without a human at the wheel

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Each year there are thousands of truck accidents, leading to injuries and fatalities. And these accidents have a higher rate of fatalities due to the sheer size of their vehicles. And of all fatalities in semi-truck accidents, 98 percent of those deaths occur to the passengers in cars struck by trucks. Could a computer have done better at the wheel?

Technology solution

  • Uber released new footage and some images of its self-driving trucks, which reveal an updated look with some powerful new sensors.
  • The sensors are now embedded in the truck’s exterior, creating a more seamless look.
  • The addition of a new, spinning 64-channel LIDAR laser sensor on the roof indicates the trucks are operating on a more sophisticated autonomous system than the previous models.
  • The 64-channel spinning LIDAR array will help Uber improve its data collection. The LIDAR builds a very high-quality point cloud of its surroundings. So that really helps the software system make better decisions about what’s out there in the world and make better decisions.


  • Consumers
  • Truck driving companies
  • Organizations that are related to the safety of truck driving
  • Government department which is responsible for the safety of truck driving

Implementation steps

Step 1: Introduce this new technology via a variety of methods to the government, energy companies and citizens.

Step 2: Set up the studio to show audience about the feasibility and potential market of the technology.

Step 3: Establish a corporation relationship with the government and build an incentive system to encourage the truck driver to get involved with this technology.


Comment on Another Blog Post

Post: Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

Comment: Helpful technology! The maintenance cost for the system is a relatively insignificant since that can be incorporated into the regular maintenance of transit vehicles and systems. In a demonstration project on busy Los Angeles County Metro bus lines, the Transit Signal Priority improved travel time savings by 25 percent and, on one line, increased overall travel speeds by 29 percent.


UNI – wy2283


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