Highway of The Future

1: Area of sustainability category: Transportation

Every year, there are about 11,000 tire-related crashes and nearly 200 fatalities. Besides these disasters happened on human beings. Our ecosystem is being damaged because there are around 150 tons of carbon emitted daily just on our corridor, so we needed to transform the transport infrastructure quickly.

2: “5 tech-related inspirations from VERGE 17

  • Wattway developed solar panels that can be put on top of the existing surface of roads and have skid-resistant surface
  • “PV for EV,” a photovoltaic solar array for fast-charging electric vehicle charging stations that send excess energy back to the visitor center
  • WheelRight tire safety station: Cars drive slowly over the black-and-yellow striped pavement, where sensors take measurements. Drivers then stop at a touchscreen kiosk that spits out a printed sheet or sends a text message within 20 seconds showing tire pressure and tread depth.

3: Implementation

  • Communicate with more state governments like Georgia and convince them to apply this new highway.
  • Find smart city project principal and persuade them to use this high-tech road since The Ray can not only be applied in highway infrastructure, it can also be applied to local roads which may help to build a more sustainable and safe community.
  • Find international potential partners by Attending oversea events which aim to build connections between the realms of technology and corporate sustainability.

4: Stakeholder

  • State agencies who take charge of the highway infrastructure
  • Auto manufacturers which invest on autonomous driving and acknowledge the importance of better highway condition
  • Private companies which want to implement their related technologies on this innovative high-tech highway.




Comment on ” CO2 Inhaling Plants

This technology can also collect CO2 from the air and supply it to a nearby greenhouse to grow the plant, make low-carbon fuels, and be sequestered in the ocean or underground.


One thought on “Highway of The Future

  1. The sustainable highway is also supposed to improve the response to accidents using autonomous drones flying over the highways. I wonder at what scale and thus cost you’d have to deploy these drones for them to make responses to accidents quicker than they already are.


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