Commercial Fusion Energy

1) Sustainability Problem: Air Pollution

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, power generation is one of the leading causes of air pollution; based on research collected in 2010, U.S.-based power plants are the single largest factor contributing to global warming

2) Technology – Fusion Energy

The nuclear-fusion-energy power plant, which is being developed by the Canadian Company, General Fusion is intended to be the first commercially viable nuclear-fusion-energy power plant.

  • It produces zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • It has no radioactive waste disposal problems,
  • It emits only helium as exhaust; and has a zero possibility of a meltdown scenario.
  • Requires less land than other renewable energy sources
  • According to General Fusion, there is enough fusion fuel to power the planet for hundreds of millions of years.


3) Organizational Stakeholders

  • Industries/Businesses
  • Local government agencies
  • Energy Companies
  • Non Profit Organizations

4) Three steps in Deploying this technology

  • Invite General Fusion to assess power needs of city/ community
  • Draw a plan to phase out the use of fossil fuels as power for buildings
  • Draw up a distribution plan ahead of installation of plant and training of personnel


Comment on ““Turning Climate Pollution Into Fish Feed” by MAH S. ()

Novonutrients is also developing new microbes, using synthetic biology, that can produce vitamins and probiotics, which can also be used as ingredients in feed.


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